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Vistone® Compressor Fluids


LSC offers a range of fully-formulated, diester based compressor fluids through the Vistone® 800 series products.  The primary application for these finished fluids are high-pressure reciprocating air compressors.  Diester based fluids are favored in this application because of their combined oxidative stability and excellent solvency, solving the problem of exhaust valve deposits.


Vistone 800 series products can provide supply chain benefits by eliminating the customers’ need to blend using niche, low volume components.  Browse the complete line of Vistone® products below or CLICK  HERE.


  • Vistone A-30

  • Vistone A-15

  • Vistone A-10

  • Vistone 803

  • Vistone 802

  • Vistone 810

  • Vistone 808

  • Vistone 801